Rental Equipment

(Attachments for Telehandlers)

9′ Work Platform

Truss Boom

Air Compressors

400 CFM Air Compressor

185 CFM Air Compressor


135′ Articulating Boom

JLG 135′ Straight Boom Lift

86′ Straight Boom Lift

80′ Articulating Boom Lift

66′ Straight Boom Lift

60′ Articulated Boom Lift

45′ Articulating Boom

50′ Tow-able Boom Lift

45′ Articulating Electric Boom Lift

30′ Articulating Electric Boom Lift

Forklift Attachments

4′ Work Platform


40-60 Versa Lift

Overhead Riggers Lift. Removable Counterweights.

21K Forklift 145″ Lift Height 96″ Forks Sideshifter Fork Positioner

10K Forklift 120″ Lift Height 42″ Forks Sideshifter

7K Forklift 188″ Lift Height 48″ Forks Sideshifter

6K Forklift 188′ Lift Height 48″ forks Sideshift

5K Forklift 188″ Lift Height 48″ Forks Sideshifter

4k Forklift 188″ Lift Height 42″ Forks Sideshifter

4K Forklift 188″ Lift Height 42″ Forks Sideshifter

4K Forklift 188″ Lift Height 42″ Forks Sideshifter

Generators/Light Towers/Welders

70Kw Generator

40Kw Generator

7000 Watt Generator

Light Tower

Portable Welder

Heavy Machinery

544K High Lift Loader

Motor Grader

Cat 315

12 Yard Dump Truck

Sheeps Foot

Jacks & Rollers

Jung Jacks & Rollers

Cat Tracks

Job Site Offices

40′ Office Container

Office Trailers 20′ To 28′


Matts 8’x16′ 3 ply

Matts 4’x20’x1′

Traffic Cones

Traffic Barrels

Step Ladders 16′ & 18′

Yard Ramp

20,000 lb. capacity 84" outside width 76" inside width 36' overall length.

Electric Jack Hammer


Lube-A-Boom Clear

Lube-A-Boom Dry Film

Lube-A-Boom Aerosol

Lube-A-Rope Aerosol

Lube-A-rope Liquid




Personnel Lift

30′ Personnel Lift

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

53′ RT Scissor Lift

43′ RT Scissor Lift

33′ RT Scissor Lift

26′ RT Scissor Lift

Scissorlifts Electric

32′ Scissor Lift

26′ Scissor Lift

20′ Scissor Lift

19′ Scissor Lift

12′ Scissor Lift

Skid Steer Mini Excavator Equipment

Track Skid Steer 71 H.P to 110 H.P.

Stand up Skidsteer

Takuchi TB228 Mini Excavator

Takuchi TB016 Mini Excavator

Skid Steer/Mini Excavator Attachments

Skidsteer Hydraulic Break

Skid Steer Auger 6″,12″, 18″, 24″ & 36″ Bits

Skid Steer Adjustable Broom

Skid Steer Grapple Bucket

Post Driver

Mini Excavator Hydraulic Breaker

Slings/Shackles/Wire Rope

Wire Rope Slings

Slings & Shackles

Endless Slings

Storage Containers/Trailers

Conex Boxes 40′

20′ Conex

9′ Conex

Storage Trailers


12K Telehandler 55′ Lift Height

12K Telehandler 40′ Lift Height

10K Telehandler 56′ Lift Height

9K Telehandler 43′ Lift Height

8K Telehandler 44′ Lift Height

5K Telehandler 19′ Lift Height


20′ Tandem Axle Utility Trailer

16′ x 80″ Tandem Axel Utility Trailer

12′ Utility Trailer

9′ Utility Trailer

24′ Goose-neck Trailer Tandem Dual Axle

14′ Goose-neck Dump Trailer

12′ Dump Trailers

Side Dump Trailer

Flatbed Trailers 48′ to 53′

Step Deck Trailers 48′ To 53′